Job progress targeting and monitoring

Schedulers and foremen create production targets each day. SOP displays real-time production and paving progress against the target to keep foremen, plant operators, and management informed and productive. Targets can be updated throughout the day to keep the team aware of field changes.

Performance Overview

SOP's performance overview lets management quickly identify potential issues in the field. Real time analysis and powerful KPI's provide instant feedback to identify and leverage your unique best practices. Evaluate production and hauling performance quickly and actively motivate improved performance.

Dwell Time Analysis

SOP's haul dwell time reporting makes it easy to analyze delays on the job and at the plant. Dwell times are automatically calculated for each trip, providing actionable data to identify and correct inefficiencies and influence positive behaviors.

Performance Scoring

SOP's patent-pending performance scoring compares actual performance against projected haul times. Projected haul times take into account travel time and traffic delays to keep scores uniform and comparable across jobs.

Performance scores can be analyzed in a variety of ways, from individual truck hauls to daily averages. Truck performance for the day is averaged into a daily job score, to easily compare performance day to day.

Truck hauls are scored as they are completed, providing a real-time hauling productivity motivational tool. Track daily performance scores to compare individual and team trends and initiate cost saving training and practices.