How SOP Works

SOP works automatically for E-Ticketing. Use SOP's interactive features and productivity tools to make the most of SOP.


Scale Integration

After a quick integration, SOP is connected to your scale system and immediately starts working every load, every time.



Users can schedule upcoming jobs to set delivery locations and production targets.


Automatic E-Tickets

As soon as trucks are loaded at the scale, loads appear on users' dashboards and E-Tickets are created.


Interactive Quality Control

QC users and inspectors at the plant and in the field can add their temperature readings.


Notes and Pictures

Users can add notes and pictures of conditions to share with the team.


Interactive Unloading

Foremen can reorder and unload trucks, tracking the unload time and GPS location.


Ticket Reports

Tickets -- including test results, notes, and other interactions -- are available to all authorized users. Tickets can be emailed, downloaded, or exported in batch to Excel and PDF.


Performance Tools

Truck ETAs, progress monitoring, performance scoring, time reports, and more.