E -Ticketing

SOP works automatically to provide E-Tickets to authorized users, including foremen, inspectors, and agencies.

E-Ticket Reporting

Easily search E-Tickets by job, date and time range, and mix to group tickets. Export to Excel and PDF to streamline progress and final payment processes..

Unload Documentation

Use SOP's interactive unloading to identify trucks on delivery and document the time and GPS location when the truck unloads at the paver.

Quality Control

Allow quality control personnel and agency inspectors to enter temperatures from their mobile devices. Test results, date/time, and user information are tracked and included directly on E-Tickets.

Field Notes and Pictures

Enter text notes and take pictures to document and share conditions in the field. Notes, pictures, date/time, and user information are included on E-Tickets.

Real-time truck routing and progress

SOP's traffic routing and unique truck progress visuals help keep field personnel productive and in control. Our unique heavy truck specific routing uses real-time traffic information, along with speed and route restrictions, to provide incredibly accurate ETA times. Teams can plan ahead and better manage their paving rate and quality based on true truck delivery schedules.

Job and truck scheduling

Users can schedule upcoming jobs to get more value from SOP. Scheduling is used to set delivery locations and production targets for the day. It also allows managers to create a truck schedule and download a schedule PDF for distribution.

Automatic truck time accounting

Our automated time reporting tracks the sign in and sign out time of the truck. Actual times based on events in SOP, such as loading and unloading, create more accurate truck invoices. Truck times also take into account scheduled start times.

Material Hauling

SOP's material hauling allows users to create jobs for hauling aggregates, rap, soil, and other materials that don’t originate at a scale. For material hauling, foremen can quickly select a truck and create a ticket on their mobile device. Loads can be unloaded at remote dump sites or automatically when the truck is loaded again at the scale for backhauls to the plant.

Productivity Tools

SOP is the solution for achieving optimal performance. Transparent real time hauling performance rating is provided to each driver, foreman, plant manager and project manager.

Reporting flexibility allows you to make cost saving decisions and quickly evaluate real-time ratings and fine tune operations to maximize results. Drivers are always informed and motivated to be safe and productive.

Use SOP to discover best practices and best performers and leverage them across your entire operation to methodically increase productivity and lower costs.

SOP provides the Ultimate Paving Advantage.

And it doesn't cost as much as you think