FDOT Implements New Technology on SR 50 in Brevard County

Spot-On Performance was selected by the Florida DOT for a pilot project of its E-Ticketing solution. SOP worked with Ranger Construction, Inc. to provide the DOT with E-Tickets on a mill and resurface project on SR 50.

SOP's automated E-Ticketing provided haul ticket access to plant operators, foremen, ticket takers, QC personnel, CEI inspectors, and the DOT, allowing for streamlined CEI administration and payment processing. Tickets included lot number, unload location tracking, quality control results, and field notes and pictures, all available in real-time for users to access in the field and office.

A New E-Ticketing System

SOP’s E-Ticketing provided real-time electronic tickets and accurate visualization of delivering trucks progress- every load, every time. Plant, lab and field users had access to tickets on-demand and advanced notice of deliveries.

SOP's quality control solution allowed QC and CEI users to add temperature results directly on the E-Ticket. Users can also add notes, pictures, change load uses, and reject/waste loads without additional paperwork.

Results that Speak Volumes

With a single job, SOP saw the following results:

  • 73 paving days
  • 1,697 loads
  • 35,199 tons
  • 27 contractor users
  • 11 CEI users
  • 6 DOT users
  • 1,051 QC recordings
  • 138 field notes
  • 25 field pictures