Load Details

E-Tickets include all of the details needed by agencies, including job information, FIN, load number, truck, weights, load time, and more.

Unload Location Tracking

When foremen and ticket takers use SOP's interactive unload feature, the time and location is stored and included on the E-Ticket.

Quality Control Recording

Results from temperature tests, including plant and roadway readings, are automatically tracked and included on the E-Ticket.

Notes and Pictures

Use SOP's load notes and pictures to automatically document receipt confirmation, load disposition comments, and actual field conditions on the E-Ticket.

Load Use Tracking

When field use changes, contractors can easily move a load to a different use. Loads can be split multiple times to move or waste portions of loads.


At the end of the day, users can search for E-Tickets by job, date and time range, and mix design. Easily export tickets in bulk to CSV or PDF to streamline estimated and final payment processes.