Why I Started This

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about SOP. Over my 45 years in the paving industry, I observed the lack of real-time, transparent information between critical processes, and the effect this had on productivity, safety, quality, and cost control. Knowing information leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to optimal decision making, I wanted a better way to improve real-time decision making for foremen and operators to make the industry more productive and less stressful.

That is why I started SOP. To really connect the paving processes, provide workers with the information they need to make optimal decisions, save time and money, and improve safety in the field and at the plant.

I hope you find SOP useful in making your operation the best it can be.

Thanks for reading.

Mark Minich

SOP President

Our Focus

From day one of planning SOP, we knew our focus would be on intuitive design, ease-of-use, and user adoption. We knew that if we couldn't get the end user to find value in SOP and make their job easier, SOP would not be a part of the daily process, and companies would never get the full value from the service.

We strive to make field personnel and office manager's jobs less stressful and easier. Teams can't be forced to use a solution that ultimately doesn't help them do their job. We are continually gathering user feedback and improving SOP to keep teams running smoothly and improving operations.

What Makes SOP Different

SOP is the only E-Ticketing solution with a backbone of asphalt process connection. Our focus is on providing real-time productivity tools for the team doing the work. SOP is not an adaptation of a GPS truck tracking product, a Redi-Mix POS system, or an Uber-like truck hailing service.

SOP develops active teamwork using real time visuals, transparent goals, and performance scoring to keep isolated processes (plant and field) informed. Empowering more productive decision-making gives teams the real-time tools to maximize profitability.

SOP is designed to provide actionable information to the hands-on decision makers as they deal with the complex challenges. SOP helps them solve issues that cause costly safety, quality, and productivity inefficiencies every day.